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BC101: Introduction to Christian Counseling – Metropolitan Christian University

BC101: Introduction to Christian Counseling

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Title: CC-101 Introduction to Christian Counseling

Credit Hours:  3

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Don Allen, Jr.                              Dr.Allen@Metro-cu.org

Course Text:

  • Christian Counseling, A Comprehensive Guide, Revisited and updated 3rd edition; By Gary R. Collins, PhD.

Course Description: 

This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of how to help members of the church as we pastor/minister to them in overcoming and address challenging issues they will face within their personal life.


The course is designed to provide a basic understanding of counseling theories and resources for providing counseling to members of our church, and community.


  1. Students will outline the book as he/she reads providing a comprehensive outline (single space) that can be used for counseling, teaching, and preaching in the future.
  2. Students will write a three to four page (Double spaced) summary of each chapter. As a part of the summary they will include their personal thoughts on how they can effectively use the information within their personal counseling ministry.

Submitting Assignments:

Please submit all course work at one time for grading.