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CM102: Introduction to Pastoral Theology – Metropolitan Christian University

CM102: Introduction to Pastoral Theology

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Description:

This course is designed to provide the student with an overview and Introduction into Pastoral Theology, it’s relevance’s and practical application.


  •  Students will develop an understanding of the basic divisions of Pastoral Theology.
  • Students will develop a basic understanding of the practical aspect of how applying Pastoral Theology helps strengthen his/her personal ministry.


  • Required Reading:
    •  “Pastoral Theology Essentials of Ministry” by Thomas C. Oden


Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Don Allen, Jr.                                       Dr.Allen@metro-cu.org


Each student is required to read all required text, and perform all required assignments as listed in the Course Syllabus. Students have 90 days to complete this course. Failure to complete the course within the allotted time frame will result in an INCOMPLETE grade (I).

Assignments are to be uploaded in either Word or PDF format directly to my office. You can e-mail me with your assignments or questions at Dr.Allen@metro-cu.org

Be sure you utilize the correct Assignment section, Please submit all your assignment at one time.