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TH201: Christology – Metropolitan Christian University

TH201: Christology

Difficulty: Beginner

Course: TH201 Syllabus for Christology

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Don Allen, Jr.                              Dr.Allen@metro-cu.org

Required reading: Christology The Doctrine of Jesus Christ, by Dr. David Hocking the book can be downloaded free @ http://www.ntslibrary.com/Christology%20The%20Doctrine%20of%20Jesus%20Christ.pdf

In addition to the text the student will read two additional  chapters on Christology from various writes of his/her choice such as but not limited to such authors as Wayne A. Grudem,  Henry C. Thiessen and Vernon D. Doerksen,  Norman L. Geisler, Lewis Sperry Chafer and etc.


Introduction to Christology

This course is designed to provide an overview of the Christology or also referred to as Doctrine of Christ. Providing an overview of the person and work of Christ, by covering major themes including the incarnation, life and ministry, atoning death, resurrection and ascension of the Son of God.  The Christological dimensions of Pentecostal and Charismatic teachings will also be examined.



  • To understand the validity and necessity of the virgin birth, death, resurrection, and Second Coming of Christ.
  • To help the student validate his/her personal understanding of Scripture; with the understanding of the skills and working knowledge to defend one’s personal beliefs of Christ.