LEAP Program

The Life Experience Assessment Program (LEAP)  offers students with adequate and verifiable experience the opportunity apply their prior learning and professional/ministerial experience towards their Degree Program. The MCU LEAP Program is a true Life Experience program, designed to assess the students educational and academic standing through prior learning, professional experience and other factors.

Students are offered the opportunity to take the Portfolio Assessment Evaluation to determine the student’s status and academic standing based on prior learning, Professional/Ministerial experience, seminars/symposiums attended, as well as Military experience. There is a one-time, non-refundable Portfolio Assessment fee of $200.00, which is due and payable at the time the student submits his/her portfolio for assessment.

Upon review, the Board of Regents will make its determination how many credits the student may apply towards their degree. If the Board of Regents votes favorably, the student need only pay the required Life Experience Credit (LEC) fee of $50.00 per credit earned. Additional required credits towards the student’s degree must be completed by course work at the regular course tuition price.

Metropolitan Christian University awards LECs in the following manner:

Undergraduate: up to 75% of the total required credits may be achieved through LECs

Graduate: up to 50% of the total required credits may be achieved through LECs

Post-Graduate: unfortunately, MCU does not apply LECs towards any Post-Graduate (Doctoral) Degree Program

NOTE: The LEAP Program Portfolio Assessment fee will be applied towards the Matriculation fee of the student’s chosen degree major.